| | | 3-Hour Kazimierz Jewish Quarter Walking Tour
3-Hour Kazimierz Jewish Quarter Walking Tour
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3-Hour Kazimierz Jewish Quarter Walking Tour

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Summary of The Day: Make your way to Krakow Old Town and meet your guide at St Adalbert Church, where your walking tour starts.

A walk with a guide will allow you to discover the two faces of Kazimierz: on the one hand, a district vibrant with life, with a plethora of cafes and restaurants; on the other hand, the witness of the tragic events of the past. The visited places are remnants of the Jewish history and witnesses to the Holocaust. Visitors are also taken to the other bank of the river where the remnants of the ghetto and the Emalia Factory, known from Steven Spielberg's Schindler's List, have been preserved.

Your tour ends here and does not include a visit inside the museum, but you may enter it at your own expense after the tour, if you wish.

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